Helping community groups and nonprofit organizations improve their programs and services

These services boost customers self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Here at ACS Global Consulting Firm, we consult with customers to develop master plans to bring visions to life, meet career and entrepreneurship goals.

Regal Re-Entry Service

Regal services help those who has been incarcerated reenter into society in addition to accomplishing their goals and bring vision life.  Includes but not limited to

  • Consultation session to get to know and learn customers goals, vision and ideas.
  • Application services (jobs, living, financial, driver’s, license, certifications, school, financial aid and etc.
  • Networking and Resources Services
  • Simple Tax Services
$150.00 (prices vary if additional services are required)


Veteran Business Services

There are many opportunities available to Veterans. We are here to assist our Veterans in every aspect of business from personal to professional to include networking connections. Includes…

  • 1-Hour consultation
  • Assistance with Applications and Certifications for Vets
  • Career Services resumes, innovative employments profiles
$200.00 (prices vary if additional services are required)


Individuals & Business Advocacy Services

Our services assist Non-Profits with simple tax filings, shared grant opportunities, application services, event planning and more. During the consultation we can determine your unique need to succeed.

  • 1-Hour Consultation
$200.00 (prices vary if additional services are required)


NOTE: All services require a consulting and confidentiality agreement to be signed upon providing services.

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